We used this product and it made a big difference with stopping water from getting into our condo.  We couldn’t afford to get new windows or get the expensive storm shutters.  But, the wind=driven rain would always get into our condo and wet our walls and carpet.  We went through hurricane Charley in 2004 and we escaped without ANY damage thanks to Hurricane Panel Locks.

Thanks for this great product!

Marcel J. (Florida)


I just wanted to thank you folks so very much for such a great product…it really works!  I used the Huuicane Panel Locks during Hurricanes Charley, Fraces, and Jeanne and they were terrific.  I was unable to get home for one of the Hurricanes and my wife was able to put the shutters and locks up herself…they were so easy, light, and fast to do.  I look forward to having the peace of mind and home protection for years to come.

Jerry K. (Florida)