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Hurricane Panel Locks are used to secure panels that cover and protect your window and doors.










 With one-time preparation you will be ready for every storm in just minutes.

What are Hurricane Panel Locks?:

Hurricane Panel locks are locking devices designed to hold panels in place to help prevent damage from small flying debris and wind-driven rain when a hurricane strikes.

A one-time preparation includes measuring the windows, cutting the material of your choice for the panels and cutting 1″ conduit pipe for attaching the Hurricane Panel Lock.

After the one-time preparation, installation is fast and easy. [see videos]

Hurricane Panel Locks use 4 screws to hole your panels securely in place.  These screws can be painted to match the color of your window frame.  The 4 screws are the only permanent part of the entire process.  NO MORE UGLY HOLES ALL OVER YOUR WINDOWS.

What materials do I need for the panels?

It’s your choice.

  • Corrugated metal sheets are the most popular as they overlap for added security, don’t warp, and are easy to store.
  • Plywood can also be used.
  • Other like materials

Where do I purchase these materials?

Corrugated metal sheets, plywood, and conduit pipe can be purchased at your local Home Improvement Store.

Are Hurricane Panel Locks difficult to install?

NO.  Actually, installation is very fast and easy! [see videos]

Lock_metal_01          Lock_metal_02

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford the high cost of storm shutters


  • Low cost.
  • Easy one time preparation.
  • Easy storage.
  • Reusable.
  • Spring loaded for easy installation.
  • Fast and easy installation when a hurricane is approaching.

What’s included:

  • 1 Hurricane Panel Lock.
  • 1 coupling (to attach to lock to a pipe).
  • 2 cement screws.
  • Installation instructions.

How many Hurricane Panel Locks will I need?:

  • 2 Hurricane Panel Locks per window.
  • 3 Hurricane Pane Locks per sliding glass door and windows 6′ and above.
  • If your sliding glass door is wider than 8′ we recommend 1 additional Hurricane Panel Lock to install vertically for extra protection.

What else do I need?:

  • The material you want to use for your panels.  Corrugated sheet metal is the most popular since it overlaps and is easy to store.  Plywood can also be used or other like material.
  • 1″ conduit pipe.
  • The number of panels and 1″ conduit pipe depends on the number of windows to be covered.
  • These materials can be purchased at your local home improvement store.